Everybody is talking about Circular Economy. But do you know what is it in details, on how it applies to your business?

When something is perhaps seen as a ‘big’ word or concept it often helps to break it down into more tangible pieces, little bits everyone can relate to.

Enter the Cola bottle!

It is made from a material bearing the wonderful name polyethylene terephthalate.

For those who crumble before such beauty it is often abbreviated as PET.

PET is a fantastic material!

It is easy to make, cheap, light-weight, can be transparent or tinted in any colour, and, last but not least…

In general, we don’t spend too much time thinking of the energy it takes to send an email. The computer (smartphone, tablet, whatever…) is switched on anyway and the battery indicator doesn’t change one bit if we send an email.

One email, even with an attachment and a fancy video background doesn’t make a difference.

Taking a global view, things look a little different.

1. The impact of internet on the environment

In an article that is already more than nine years old, The Guardian states that “around 62 trillion spam messages are sent every year, requiring the use of 33 billion kilowatt hours (KWh) of electricity and…

I have been lucky…

Because I have travelled a lot, I have always been the little French, before being the black girl.

Racism is not an issue all the sudden.
This is not an issue for you (white people), but this is not all the sudden.

It is like when the people assume that I am the cleaning lady or the secretary; or when people talk to me as if I was retarded while I often know way more than them.

I have to say, I play with it and it does make me laugh to see their face when…

Demands create markets and vice versa.

Nowadays, not least due to public demand there is significant incentive for companies to become more socially responsible (or, at the very least, to be perceived as such).

Numerous companies and individuals offer Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) services and choosing the right one can be tricky.

Forbes has published a list hints to look out for.[1]

The article may be seven years old already but has lost none of its pertinence.

1. Depth and breadth of experience

The question you should ask a potential CSR consultant is not only “Have you done this before?” but also

“Have you done this…

What is Corporate Social Responsibility ?

You have heard about companies making huge profits while hiding their assets in some fiscal paradise, profiting from child labour, bribery, knowingly endangering their employees, the environment, and ultimately the society at large with harmful pesticides or other chemicals.

Corporate Social responsibility, often abbreviated as CSR, is the obligation of an organisation to make profit following sustainable development principles.

This involves:

· social responsibility (i.e. having a positive impact on the society),

· economic sustainability (i.e. making profit in an ethical way), and

· environmental sustainability (i.e. minimising the impact on the environment).

Wherever you go someone is going to talk about the mobility of the future and there is no shortage of concepts: Car-sharing, e-bikes, scooters, delivery services instead of shopping yourself, battery powered vehicles vs. fuel cells…

There is one environmental aspect that is not going to be affected by all these and this is the tyres all these vehicles roll on, regardless of what their power train looks like or who is driving or owning the vehicles in question.

Sustainable development is based on three pillars:

  • Pillar 1: Environment sustainability (Planet)
  • Pillar 2: Economic sustainability (Profit)
  • Pillar 3: Social sustainability (People).

Environmental sustainability awareness has grown lately but social sustainability still seems like a buzzword without any real raison d’être in business success.

So, what exactly is it? And why should social sustainability be part of your business?

1. The deadly cost of doing business

Do you remember the tragedy that has happened on April 24th, 2013?

Rana Plaza, a garment factory building in Bangladesh burned down and collapsed.

Easter is upon us and with that comes (for theological reasons far beyond our comprehension) a torrent of chocolate Easter bunnies, chocolate Easter eggs, and chocolate Easter other things.

You like chocolate and feel guilty about it?


Buy less but better quality.

Challenge your favourite brand.

Avoid too much packaging!

Hence, we write an article about the environmental and social aspects of chocolate, in particular its production.

“Hang on!”, our avid readers may say at this point, “haven’t you done that before?”, and yes, we have, there has been an article about chocolate in 2020.

You can read our…

The word ‘values’ is often used these days, usually as something that is desirable to have and desirable to be seen in others.

In the consumer world the use of the word ‘values’ is positively endemic.

Words like ‘values’ or ‘ethics’ sound good and give the customer that ‘warm-woolly-jumper-feeling’ of having done something good by buying something or other.

Many people pay a lot of attention to their way of living and strive for it to be green and sustainable.

But what happens once we die?

How green and sustainable are our funerals?

To make one thing absolutely clear right at the start: Funerals are amongst the most personal affairs in a human life and they are generally arranged, conducted, and attended by those who have just lost a loved one and are too occupied by their grief to pay attention to points like the sustainability of the floral decoration adorning the coffin.

We do not want to urge…

Dr. Audrey-Flore Ngomsik

Co-Fonder of Trianon Scientific Communication. Expert in Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development for SMEs — https://www.science-by-trianon.com

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