Celebrating black history month with Alma Levant Hayden, the lady who uncovered a cancer fraud drug

Alma Hayden

Her studies

Electromagnetic Spectrum

An accomplished scientist

A career linked to the strengthening of the FDA role.

Thalidomide tablets
Baby born to a mother who had taken thalidomide while pregnant

The Krebiozen scam: The imaginary cancer cure.

Alma Levant Hayden

“By the fall of 1963, FDA had reached its scientific conclusions. The Krebiozen powder, the agency announced, had been identified by several chemical tests as creatine.

The contents of Krebiozen ampules were identified as mineral oil, with minute amounts of two other substances, amyl alcohol and 1-methylhydantoin, found in ampules shipped in 1963.

FDA’s chemical analysis was soon supported by the findings of the National Cancer Institute that Krebiozen ‘does not possess any anticancer activity in man.’” [9]



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Dr. Audrey-Flore Ngomsik

Dr. Audrey-Flore Ngomsik

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