Eat chocolate, save the planet… Revisited.

You like chocolate and feel guilty about it?


Buy less but better quality.

Challenge your favourite brand.

Avoid too much packaging!

This chocolate egg is full of chocolate pralines. It is home made by a Belgian Chocolatier named “Alex & Alex” — You want it? Contact him here
Marie-Amélie Ormières

That does not mean that chocolate doesn’t have an environmental footprint, but it is more associated with the fact that the raw materials (both cacao and cane sugar) are shipped half-way around the globe from the producers to the consumers.

But let’s introduce Marie-Amélie Ormières properly.

Cacao pods
Ensuring a sustainable supply of cocoa

I would wish for the consumers to become more knowledgeable and careful regarding their choices and purchases.

In a nutshell, buy perhaps less, but definitely buy better quality!

Consumers pay a price for chocolate that keeps cocoa farmers under the poverty line.

I would wish more consumers to challenge their preferred brands/producers of chocolate, to ask them what they do to support the farming communities they rely on.

What with social networks it has never been simpler to do that then now.

I would also love to see the big chocolate producers to invest more in social projects in the cocoa farming communities so as to empower the farmers and their families and to enable them to lead productive and rewarding lives.

Some of the big producers do invest in such schemes already but more needs to be done.

And with that we would like to wish you Happy Easter!



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