How can you be more sustainable this Christmas?

Presents, turkeys, and Christmas trees



Presents and wrappings

In any case, gift wrapping carries a large load of invisible waste; producing one kilogram of gift wrapping produces 3.5 kg of CO2 as well.[1][2]

Everything we humans do as a species does have an environmental impact — however, refraining from or abolishing everything that does have an environmental impact would strip us of our very humanity.

Moderation is the key!

That said, we wish you all a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas, a relaxing and invigorating winter break, and a successful and prosperous year 2021.



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Dr. Audrey-Flore Ngomsik

Dr. Audrey-Flore Ngomsik


Co-Fonder of Trianon Scientific Communication. Expert in Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development for profitability—