How to implement Corporate Social Responsibility? A quick starter guide in 4 steps.

So you’ve heard about this CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) thing and perhaps you’re even sympathetic towards it.

But the fact remains that the economy is a shark pool and you’ve got nothing to give away for free, right?

Step 1: Find your own way

First of all, there is no single way to approach CSR

Every business is different and so are the ways of incorporating CSR into it.

Step 2: Build strong networks

One of the key aspects of CSR is that it strengthens resilience and the way it does that is by building strong networks.

A single tree is easily felled by the storm, a forest will withstand.

Step 3: Do not do it alone

Therefore the third step in incorporating CSR into your operations is to find partners who share your visions, your ethics, and your plans.

Don’t go it alone, find companions; at the very least, get some outside help to start with.

There are plenty of consulting companies around who can help you with their experience, in either sustainable, environmental, or economic sustainability.

can help you with the three of them. This is quite handy as they are interconnected!

Step 4: Speak about it

Finally, the fourth step is to talk about it. Let the world in general and your business partners in particular, know that you’ve embarked on that journey.

Share your experiences, both positive and negative, and learn from each other.

At , we believe that

The key to success in integrating CSR in your corporate D.N.A is to be able to communicate about sustainability while implementing sustainable communication practices.

What does it mean? That means that you need to engage your stakeholders outside and inside your organization and be transparent about your success and step-backs.

Should you now feel that after this article you’re none the wiser as to what exactly this CSR thing is, stay tuned!

In the meantime, you could:

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Co-Fonder of Trianon Scientific Communication. Expert in Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development for profitability—

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Dr. Audrey-Flore Ngomsik

Dr. Audrey-Flore Ngomsik

Co-Fonder of Trianon Scientific Communication. Expert in Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development for profitability—

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