Will carbon capture and storage (C.C.S.) mitigate climate change?

Carbon Capture and Storage
Ocean acidification

“global warming’s evil twin”

1. Carbon Capture

Carbon Capture

2. Now that we’ve got the CO2 what do we do with it?

Energetically speaking it is dead.

It is so stable that any attempt to turn it into something useful (e.g. so-called platform molecules such as cyclic carbonates) requires a significant input of energy or otherwise harsh and undesirable reaction conditions.

2. Common uses of CO2

2.1 Supercritical CO2

Compound extraction using supercritical CO2

2.2 Carbonification of soft drinks


2.3 Enhanced oil recovery

CO2 enhanced oil recovery (video)

3. Carbon storage

How and where does one store millions of tons of a gas?

The problem becomes then one of transport.

In simplistic terms: Put a lid on it — done!

So will CCS mitigate climate change?

Summarising this little overview of possibilities and problems one could say that CCS is an interim technology.

Capturing CO2 is important to supply CO2 to the industries requiring it for their operations.

Storing it so that it doesn’t do too much harm is important too.

But the best solution and the long term goal is to find ways to satisfy our needs without producing CO2.



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Dr. Audrey-Flore Ngomsik

Dr. Audrey-Flore Ngomsik


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